Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Baja Prelude: Third Time's the Charm?

I really didn't think I'd be going to Baja this week. I mean, it's been on the calendar for months, and I've caught myself saying things like, "Yeah, I think I'm riding to Baja sometime in April," and I even hung up the maps and turned down work to keep the dates open. But I really didn't think I'd be going. For starters, I'm a bit queasy about crossing the U.S. border these days. Even back in 2015, during my border-to-border Return Migration (still only a draft-dream, as far as posts go), I had a headache doing so. Detained for no reason what-so-ever. Held in a small room by my own countrymen*. And Pilot Guy, in no uncertain terms, was given no other option but to pass through without me and wait. For what? For how long? All's well that ends well, but... I have no interest in experiencing that again.

My Baja motorcycling track record is not a good one**.  You know about my first try.  Round about November, 2015, I heard from Adrian. "I'm ready to try again. You in?" My response sizzled with excitable electrons over the wire. "I'm in."  April 2016 was blocked off the calendar.  In pen. We're in! Li'l Burro was fully refreshed and ready to go.  All wheels were in motion.  But mom got sick, so, I was, of course, out. Adrian, stout soul, went on his own, and has made at least two additional trips since then.

Fast forward to 2017 and the calendar was blocked out again. In pencil.  This week my dog pretended to have lymphoma (she doesn't), and Li'l Burro, in all his good humor, pretended to be broken (he isn't).  Like I said.  I really didn't think I'd be going***.

Miraculously, there is a heap of gear in my dining room, an array of devices charging in the next room, and a Yamaha**** out back, waiting, ever patiently, to be packed. Maybe I'll check the oil. And the tires, even. Third time's the charm?

Wish us well.

Since I haven't posted an actual photo of a motorcycle in... forever, here's one from Li'l Burro's 2016 Pre-Baja Check Ride.

 *Global Entry status not withstanding, even! Harrumph.
**My Baja by Little Aeroplane record is substantially better.
***Oh great. I've just been informed "five planets are in retrograde." That's bad, right? Carry on.
****New speedo gear and larger gas tank, even!