Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In case you were wondering...

...it was delicious, my friends. Simply delicious. No, I don't have a picture of my dinner plate to show you. Maybe another time, but this meal was all about tasting, not taking pictures. By the way, I'm referring to my pork haul - see my post of Sept. 23.

I decided on simply pan searing two small chops. Nothing fancy - just straight up meat. I figured that would be the best way to evaluate my new find. I'll get to the carne adovada later. After the chops came out of the pan, I drained the fat, tossed in some greens to wilt, and served the chops over the greens. A few left over Indian potatoes rounded out the meal.

Let me say one thing right away. These aren't your sanitized, tasteless "other white meat" chops. Do they have fat? Yes. These individual chops had quite a bit. (Gasp!) I know this probably horrifies many of you, but c'mon, folks, get over it. I'm not eating them every day. I probably won't even eat them every week. Besides, you CAN cut the fat off (which I did). Well, most of it. For the record, the other chops in the freezer have less. Next question: do they have taste? YES. Like I said before, this isn't your factory farmed "other white meat." I knew they'd be good, but even I was surprised. I've experienced the difference between grocery store chicken and the "real thing." Ditto for eggs. And beef. This food is really from another universe. Just no comparison. Well, evidently the same holds true for pork. I'm at a loss at how to put it into words, really. Think about the difference between Cool Whip and real whipped cream. Or Velveeta "pasteurized process cheese spread" (what IS that stuff, anyway?), and real aged cheddar. Or a "fruit roll up" versus a dried California apricot. I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. I'll leave it at that.


J & P said...

excellent blog. i'm not sure how to feel knowing that my sister eats better than me. there are so many emotions i'm feeling......pride for her.....jelousy for me.....anger because of the amount of poor quality food that overwhelms the markets.
well i ate a bunch of foie gras scraps yesterday at work so that makes me feel better.

Eating On Two Wheels said...

Foie gras scraps. I want that.