Saturday, May 17, 2008

While I'm out riding, my dog likes to eat!

Due to popular demand, I'm posting this video of my dog trying to get into the trash. She's pretty spunky for 12 years old, isn't she? The extra latch on the door in the video is the 2nd of three. She quickly defeated the first two. The current deadbolt type locks (not shown) are still holding, but only when I actually remember to latch them.
Do notice that you can hear the front door close as I leave, and she is instantly on the move. There's a bit of dead space in the movie, when she's wandering around other parts of the house (confirming my absence, no doubt). I'd like to edit it out, but, of course, my movie editing program won't open the original video file. In any case, if you're patient enough to watch to the end, you'll see when it seems she knows she's been caught.


Anonymous said...

I was laughing at 1 minute in! I had a cat who would open cupboard doors, go inside, and close the door behind him. He was a smart, little guy! Then he taught the other two cats how to do it too.

~Sheri (stormcat)

Paula said...

She could still do this after she lost her rear leg. Annoying, but I was secretly so proud!