Sunday, January 4, 2009

Geocache Update

It's day two of my Geocache career and I just learned that part of the object of the game is stealth. So two thumbs down to me for sharing my purpose with the helpful passerby yesterday. The stealth angle in an urban cache hunt can be tricky! There are a good 15 or more caches to be found within a few minutes walk from my house (one practically across the street). Walking the dog has become a brand new game! We found one last night, so clever and so tiny I thought part of it was missing. I went for another today, whilst running an errand. Its name, "Penguins in Sonora," gives it away (both location and contents), if you know downtown Tucson. No map or GPS unit required by me for this one, but the crowded site makes it nearly impossible to retrieve. I had hoped the rain (yes, it's raining today!) would help me search away in a secretive fashion, but it made things more difficult. I'll have to postpone this particular find for later.

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