Friday, August 26, 2011

Grief and Gratitude

Goodbye Freck How I Love You 083It’s been a week since my polka-dotted hero, out-runner of greyhounds, subject of many  spontaneously and lovingly re-written opera arias,  and celebrated MMM mascot, took her final journey.  The collective embrace from all of you - here, on Facebook, in person, via text message, by phone, on internet forums, through the good old USPS - has been humbling.  And enormous.  You shared your stories, you understood the depth of my grief, you offered comfort. I heard from people who knew (and loved! - how that touched me!) her, people who knew me, and people I’ve never met at all.   Some of you cried your own tears for her, and so many of you recognized the true nature of the what a pet-owner bond can be, and the deep sorrow that accompanies the loss of life’s most faithful companion.  How it comforts me to know you understand!  All your words of kindness kept her alive for me those first few impossible days.

I know from you and from my own experiences that time will eventually heal, but this week it has been my enemy.  Each day that passes takes her one more day further away from me.  So, as the flowers on her little shrine wilt, I can’t say I’m feeling any better yet.  But I know I will, and that is enough for now.  So many times in life, we are asked to bear the unbearable, and so many have been asked to bear much more than I ever have.  Yet somehow we do.  We do!  It is possible, in no small part, because of the good people around us.  I thank you, dear friends and readers, deeply.  Your understanding and compassionate condolences have eased my way on this challenging journey of the heart.

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