Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sweet Homecoming

The bikes are running,* the desert is blooming…

Saguaro National Park West
The ironwood trees are blooming like crazy this year.  Time for another ride through Ironwood Forest National Monument.

Saguaro in Bloom on Cresta Loma
All the saguaro with full heads of blooms are impossibly out of reach. So are those whose luscious fruit, red as sin, is tantalizingly split open. The doves can reach them easily enough, though, as can the Tohono O’odham people, who use long sticks (saguaro ribs, I think) to knock them down for the noble purpose of wine making.

…and the burritos are actually pretty good***! 

Horseshoe Barbecue
How delicious to be back in the land of Sonoran tortillas, the only flour tortillas fit for human consumption. Unless you’ve been here, or make them yourselves, you simply don’t know. My deepest condolences.

Sweet Jesus, I am home!**. I'm not ashamed to admit I kinda got choked up today.

*Well the Yamaha is. Tomorrow is Ducati test day.  It (and I) are headed to CO soon.
**After two months of exile in Flatistan, where, you can see, I wasn’t exactly suffering, but still… 
***The customary taco truck was AWOL, but Horseshoe Barbecue surpassed my expectations. 

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