Thursday, November 2, 2017

Tricks and Treats 2017

Finding autumn in southern Arizona is quite a trick, especially this year, when the temperatures only dropped from the mid-nineties (95 itself was a blessing, really) a few days ago.  But it can be done.

 To be honest, by now, most of fall has... fallen.

 If one had a leaf rake aboard one's Ducati, one could have a bit of fun in those leaves!

  But there is a pumpkin to carve, and little ones to greet.  Big ones, too!

After the successful completion of the tricks, one deserves a treat!  Why not settle in with the traditional freshly made doughnuts* and popcorn? Pour yourself a mug of hot cider, too. And add a splash of whisky...
 ...if you dare!

*The only doughnut worth eating is a just-been-made-still-warm doughnut.  And if you go through the trouble of making them, I give you permission to eat as many as you like.