Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I know you're all just dying to know what I'm eating at any given moment. Wait no longer! By checking out the "twitter badge" I've added here (top right of the page) you can satisfy your curiosity about my every bite. For past repasts, use the little arrows at the bottom of the blue box to go back in time. (Reload the blog page for the latest breaking news.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Paula!

Glad to see your awesome blog. I may need to get you to help me with mine! You can also check out so see waht is happening.

I LOVE your foodie stuff. Your so right, the perfect acidic tomato is nearly impossible to find. My and my Mom especially luv to complain regularly about this...

Now I'm hungry and have to find some fresh mozzerella, olive oil, and feta.

I spent a month in Greece and ate Greek salads every day, made by real Greek moms.

Luv it! See pictures up on Facebook under my name Brek Dalrymple if interested.

I have a Motorcycle trip planned to Colorado leaving later next week. Maybe I'll see you down the road. Hi to Deke...