Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby, We're Back! (Maiden Voyage II)

When I looked out my bedroom window upon rising one recent morning and saw this... startled me!  A desert Santa left me a Ducati under the mesquite tree!  In reality, of course, I had picked it up from the dealer the afternoon before, almost one month to the day after its demise.  But I was so loopy with a nasty cold that it was all I could do to ride it the few miles home from the shop.

"That's a mighty nice bike you got there, Pretty Lady, " said the guy who watched me take this picture. A sleek, sexy, Italian bike does wonders for any gal's looks - call it "Ducati Goggles."

I was going to take an awesome picture with a drop dead background to celebrate the event.  I really was.  I even borrowed a tripod for the occasion. (Thanks, Martha!).   But fiddling with the tripod, finding the best viewpoint (a counter-intuitive process, I discovered), positioning the bike just so etc., kinda takes the sport out of sport riding.  It was as bad as, if not worse than trying to take a good picture of your dinner when you'd rather be eating it.  So I snapped all of two I-really-should-fix-my-helmet-hair-shots, said "enough of THIS," and hit the road.  Vroom!

Ducati 696: more money than I had any business spending.
Air cooled bike that smokes my hams at stoplights: yow!
Speeding tickets: might become a problem
Unbeatable power to weight ratio, torque to spare, and feet flat on the ground: as they say, priceless.

Baby, we're back!

Due to popular request (that means by more than one person! By some people I haven't even met, believe it or not!), I've added ways to subscribe to this silly blog of mine. For email notification, look at the top right of the page. At the bottom right of the page you can "follow" or get notifications on your browser bookmark bar. Hope it works!  

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