Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Daily Special (Generic Sustainable Fish with Random Vegetable)

I haven't really been able to ride much lately, which is particularly frustrating when your beloved new Ducati has returned from the shop after a month long absence. I've had a weird and intense head cold, and it must be messing with my middle ear or sinuses or something, because I can't really judge speed, distances, or even where my body is in space at all.   As it turns out, this is a pretty big problem when you are trying to aggressively ride a sport bike up (and down) a mountain road.  I'm also buried in work right now, which doesn't do much for one's ability to recreate.

So I'm fairly grumpy.

Here's my "I'm So Grumpy I'm Slamming Pots and Pans Around for No Reason" Ten Minutes or Less dinner that I made tonight. Not bad, given my state of mind, now that I think of it.

Put leftover roasted potatoes* in toaster oven.  Go post a few comments on Facebook about being grumpy, because the potatoes will probably take 10 minutes, and it will only take you four minutes to prepare the rest of dinner.

Remove one of the  pieces of generic sustainable fish you now stash in the freezer (I like halibut) because it turns out most days you don't approach consuming even half of the RDA of protein for a person of your gender, age and size.  Not that you believe everything the government says in regards to what you should eat (or in regards to anything at all), but come on, HALF of the RDA?  Perhaps that might have something to do with your hypoglycemia??  Ya THINK?  Anyway, take the piece fish you transferred from freezer to fridge yesterday and put it in a microwave safe dish.  Yes, I said microwave. I don't use it for much, but for fish it's not a bad way to go.  Even James Peterson says so.  Sprinkle said fish with salt and pepper, splash with two or three tablespoons of white wine (pour yourself a glass while you're at it), and top with a pat of butter.  Cover the whole thing with a plate or something, since plastic wrap gives you the creeps.  Microwave for one minute, while chopping up your random vegetable.  (a tomato and slice of onion in this case)  Whack!  Whack! Whack!  Check your fish - it will probably need another minute.  Turn it if you are so inclined.  Saute your vegetable for a minute in olive oil.  Check fish.  Add another 30 seconds.  (YMMV**)  Continue sauteeing the random vegetable, while you viciously grab a green leaf or two from your herb garden.  If you don't have one, it doesn't matter.  Look to your spice cabinet (make sure you slam the cabinet door), or omit all together.  Add that to your random vegetable.  Ding!  Fish is done. Dump random vegetable on top of it and throw pan into sink.  Crash!  Apologize to the dog for startling her.  Ding!  Potatoes are done.  Take ONE photo of your finished product, because you are in no mood.  No.  Mood.  Click.
Total prep time, 10 minutes, but blame that excessive delay on the left over potatoes.
*If I wasn't grumpy, or if I had either in the fridge, I'd use polenta or rice instead.
** Your Mileage May Vary

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The Villain said...

Glad to hear you're at least 'aggressively' pushing that Duc...when your head allows it.

And there's nothing wrong with nursing a good grump. Gateway to wickedness, I always say.