Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Praise Jesus!

When you have a Category Five homeowner situation, and the workmen in your house are dressed like this…

Plumbing Catergory 5 Jesus from Davis Restoration 001
This guy’s name is Jesus.  And he’s saving my house.  Praise Jesus indeed!

… you’ve definitely earned yourself one of these…

Downtown Kitchen and Cocktails after Otello 005
Far and away the best margarita I’ve ever had, which means now I’ll never be able to have one anywhere else. Good thing they’re served about a three minute walk from my house.

…and a ride on one of these…

The New Ride 004
My ride still languishes in the back yard and it still hurts me more than I can say.

…in spite of everything you said here.

I got the former  after a performance last week at one of Janos Wilder’s ventures*, Downtown Kitchen and Cocktails (dumb name, good cocktails and a fun, better than average bar menu – can you say “foie gras bons bons?”), but I’m still waiting for the latter.**  Soon.  Very soon.

* Locally famous (somewhat nationally, actually, since he's a current semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation's Outstanding Chef of the Year, actual winner TBA in May) chef who didn’t rock my world at first (take a classic, add chipotle, call it fancy southwest cuisine), but that impression was formed a good 10 years ago, and lately I’m changing my mind.  Interestingly, the day after I wrote this, I saw a review of this restaurant that pretty much read my mind word for word.  You can read it here.
** During the interval between when I wrote this and when it "went live," I must divulge that I did indeed go for a short ride.  Stacks of music to learn be damned,  I rode up Kitt Peak to use the restroom, since the only bathroom in my house has been rendered temporarily unusable, thanks to the current homeowner situation.  It was the most pathetic, remedial ride ever, yet I couldn't have been happier.

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