Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ready... Set... SUMMER!

I'm only a few days into summer, and already having so much fun!

Here's the strangest coffee contraption ever, the "Vesuvius," as seen at a friend's in Santa Fe. We didn't fire it up, but I will insist upon it next time I'm there. (As part of an expanded Hatch Chile Fest 2010 trip?)

My absentee host in Colorado brews for the Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont. He left a well stocked fridge for me. Additional cases of beer not shown.

I arrived the night before the Farmer's Market. What good timing! I'm not in Kansas (aka the Sonoran Desert) any more... mushrooms!

I took a fantastic ride through Rocky Mountain National Park and took the "long way" home (of course!). It was really, really hard not to add in a proper hike, and take an even longer way home, but for just a few more days, flute practice comes first.

I had a run in (well, not literally, but darn close!) with Big Daddy Elk. The only way you would believe how big, how close he was would be if I had a picture to show you. I don't. Having to keep one eye on Big Daddy One, another on Big Daddy Two (yes! there were two!), and third on any traffic that might pop over the hill and run me down.... well, I just didn't have a spare eye to rummage around my tank bag for my camera. It's really a shame. He, THEY, were spectacular.

Speaking of cameras, it turns out I'm handicapped for the time being. Last year was the summer without a computer. This year is starting out as the summer of the disabled camera. It chooses not to focus on anything at all, for oh, 40% of my shots, more or less. So all my pictures of the beautiful, beautiful park... they're hardly even identifiable. My choices for my posts are going to be pretty limited until further notice.

It took me a good 10 tries to get this picture when out for lunch today. My aunt took me out for a fantastic meal at "Salt Bistro" in Boulder. Can you guess what I ate?


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