Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maiden Voyage!

Hypoglycemics NEVER skip breakfast. Not even for their first ride up the mountain on a Ducati. But I wasn't about to linger over my meal today*. Yes, yes, the photo is not what I was going for exactly, but it was this or worse. Not a chance I was going through THIS right now.

Maiden voyage first leg: Push the bike out of the back yard, through the narrow alley, tipping it this way and that, turning the wheel left and right (don't drop it!), dodging the neighbor's window unit evaporative cooler, trash cans, recycle bins and generally making the most of the generous two inches of clearance (watch those mirrors!). Then roll it down the little hill (don't let it get away!), onto the sidewalk, hard left turn and...
Check! (Phew.)

Second leg: a few trips around the block. Exactly when does this particular clutch disengage? (The consequences of goofing this are greater than those in a car. Think pretty new bike lying on the ground. Imagine feeling like an idiot.) And, oopsy... where did that footpeg go?

Third leg: stop in the nearest parking lot and see exactly what these new brakes feel like. How hard I can stomp on them without running into trouble? (Well, you don't really stomp on the brakes on a motorcycle. Or you shouldn't. But I liked the word.) A few controlled emergency stops are in order.

Fourth leg: Enough of this! Let's go! Wheeeee!

It's tough to take a self portrait of you AND your bike, as you can see, especially with an iPhone.

So here's one of the bike. Ain't she purty?? Rrreowww!

Hypoglycemics actually eat TWO breakfasts! Here's my celebratory crepe from "Planet of the Crepes." The food on Mt. Lemmon is dismal. I've said more than once that if someone doesn't do something about that soon, I will have to. The crepes wagon is a new and welcome addition. I think I would have peeled the apples for this apple caramel version, though.

Hee hee - he can't see me , but I can see him! There's another rider who has parked behind me and is now taking pictures of my bike. It's THAT cool! We chatted a bit about our respective journeys and he also took a picture of ME. (I guess *I* am THAT COOL, too!) He was kind enough to email it to me (iPhone to iPhone!), and here I am, happy happy! (Disclaimer: he's sending the pictures to his wife, who he is encouraging to ride. As in, "Look at this cool bike! And it's a GIRL riding it!")

Fifth, final, and most dangerous leg: u-turn onto the sidewalk. Do a 586 point turn to get the front wheel, at least, pointed towards the alley. Dismount. Open gate. Return to the side of bike, walk next to it, while "driving" it up the aforementioned hill, now a serious threat - goofing that new feeling clutch and throttle now would mean certain disaster. Simultaneously hop over watermelon sized rocks, stairs, avoid wiping out on the welcome mat, negotiate other alarming obstacles, any of which could easily spell.... crrrrUNCH! Squeak through the alley again, tip this way, that way, and...

You wonder why I'm using my iPhone for my maiden voyage pictures? Because my G11 doesn't quiiiite fit in my pocket, and I didn't yet have one of these:

A "tank bag," the goofy looking yet indispensable piece of luggage you see sitting atop the gas tank. I picked one up on my way home. The G11 will join me on my next voyage, but perhaps I'll be moving too fast to get a good shot. Tee hee!

*"Today," is, in fact, now "a day or two ago." I can report that on my next trip, I was indeed moving too fast. Well, according to some people. In other words, on that day, that stats read as follows:
Officer Conto - 1, Ducati - 0

UPDATE: See here, post number 5. Ducati fame! (HE didn't get a ticket. Harrumph again.)

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CB said...

You would love our friend Nick's facebook feed. He's got a moto-camera he mounts on his bike. :>