Friday, August 27, 2010

Not In California

So, I'm not touring California at the moment. I had hoped to... kind of planned to... but a number of things have gotten in the way. Not the least of which are the technical difficulties I'm having getting the luggage system set up on my new wheels. Turns out the "cool factor" short tail kit on my bike is keeping me from installing my not-so-cool-but-oh-so-convenient top box mounting rack. (Honestly, I'm not sure why the previous owner paid several hundred dollars just to raise the license plate a bit. Whatever. Function over form, if you ask me, even IF the form of my wheels happens to be... gorgeous!) Even though I now have a little tank bag, at the moment I pretty much have to pick two out of three: water, sandwich or rainsuit. Not great for a hypoglycemic living in the desert during monsoon. Today I ended up needing all three.

Anyway, now seems like a good time to ride to those sorts of places I never stop at when I'm trying to reach further destinations before nightfall.

I took this picture at Roosevelt Lake with the 10 second camera timer and a 100 yard dash. The nearest appropriately placed rock was probably an 8 second sprint away, leaving me 2 seconds to compose myself and look thoughtfully at the horizon. Some day I'll get one of those little collapsible tripods. Just as soon as I have luggage room for it.

Here's the lower cliff dwelling and a lake view at Tonto National Monument. Dang it, it's so easy to leave the exposure compensation dial in the wrong place!

And a geocache grab!

My sandwich wasn't really worth photographing.


xDaveManx said...

Exposure compensation. Come on, someone taking such great pictures as yourself must know how to manipulate them to get a good result post-camera. :)

Paula said...

I'm not above Photoshop, but I DETEST messing around with it. I'd rather mess with the camera itself.