Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Daily Special (Potato Butternut Rosemary Pavé)

I totally forgot about my "Daily Special" series. Shrug. Anyway, here's dinner tonight. Easy, easy. Slice up your root veggie of choice. If you use a mandoline (the preferred but not only tool for the job) DO use the finger guard and do NOT drink wine until the mandoline is safely put away. I speak from experience. I lost a neat 3mm slice off of my finger last spring during the fennel sorbet experiment. It regenerated faster than a lizard's appendage, but it still hurts. (The sorbet was fantastic. Never fear, I am quite confident that no pieces of my finger made their way into the final product.)
Anyway, douse your slices in cream and seasonings, layer them in a pan, squash 'em with a weight and bake for a long time. Slice into neat "cobblestones," brown in butter and enjoy! Some derivative of sauce espangole would add a nice touch, but, hey, it's a work night.


Greg said...

Your blog is making me want to be more adventurous in the kitchen. Pleazzz post some recipes.

Paula said...

Okay, "twowheels"...
Gimme some background info. How adventurous? Do you want to spend 2 days making a Beef Wellington, or learn how to make your own spaghetti sauce? Or somewhere in between? What's in your fridge? What's your "usual" fare?