Friday, April 8, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas: An Index

Can I be done with this Twelve Days thing, already??  

I've made a little index page, since my Twelve Days of Christmas story was interspersed with other posts.  It gave me an excuse to spend four hours learning to merge photos in Photoshop.  I found it doesn't work very well unless you use a tripod when taking the photos.  I don't own a tripod.  But I do have a ceiling fan pull chain conveniently located directly over the table I was using to lay out the maps.  Line up camera with pull chain and... close enough.

Approximate route. Approximate because I'm trying to remember it over three months after the fact.  Still, I think I got it right.

Day One: Shopping (Blech!) 
Gearing up.

Days Two and Three: Floods and Astronomical Phenomena at Chiricahua N. P. and Mount Graham
Fooling Mother Nature.

Day Four:  Desert Rain Cafe and Kofa National Wildlife Refuge
Making some tracks.

Day Five: Route 66
Unexpected traffic in an unexpected place.

Day Six: Lake Mead, Valley of Fire
Pleasant surprise.

Day Six: Vegas and Shining Stars of Another Kind - Christmas Dinner
Spending a week's pay on dinner.

Day Seven:  Arrival - Death Valley
The other end of the dining spectrum.

Day Eight: Death Valley Blitz 
We've got just one day, but half the roads are closed, anyway.

Day Nine: Headed Home
Mother Nature gets the last laugh.

Day Ten: Happy New Year!
Eating in.

Day Eleven:  Kitt Peak Consolation Prize 
Original Day Twelve plans snowed out.

Day Twelve:  Ducati Epilogue!
I knew this was gonna be fun, but holy lean angle, people.

Well then.  I guess it's about time I start my second "What I Did Last Summer" series.

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