Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Day Eleven: Kitt Peak and Carne Asada
Although we made it home on schedule, the rain we rode through to do so turned out to be snow in other places.  The crown jewel of our trip was snowed out!   Well, not quite. I got to enjoy it myself a week or two later, and I reserve the right to call it “Day Twelve” of my adventure.
 Tires, Telescopes and Tacos (Kitt Peak and BK Tacos) 019
We consoled ourselves with a trip up Kitt Peak and an exploration of South Tucson’s carne asada tacos and Sonoran hot dogs.  Tucson swims knee-deep in a sloppy, saucy, cheesy muck of Tex-Mex combination plates (not that there's anything wrong with that, although, in my opinion, the pinnacle of Sonoran cuisine is its flour tortilla - paper thin, rich, delicious and thankfully not at all like the cardboard that, for decades, kept me wondering what the big deal was with Mexican food), but it took me more than a decade of living here to find Guero Canelo and BK Carne Asada, two of the better places to find proper carne asada tacos.  Truth be told, I wasn’t really looking, for most of my time here, but now that I’ve found them, I can’t imagine not having this vital piece of information.

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