Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ducati's First Camping Trip! (Dining on the Coronado Scenic Byway)

Time to think about heading home.  I had hoped to start the chilly morning off with a nice coffee a short walk from my campsite, but Changing Lady Espresso never seemed to be open.  Did you know that, although AZ does not observe daylight savings time, the Navajo Nation that occupies the entire northeast corner of the state does?  Neither did I.  It didn’t matter, this espresso bar wasn’t open no matter what time zone you were operating in, despite the large sign (not shown) denoting otherwise.  Strike three as far as dining in Chinle goes.

Changing Lady Espresso.  A nice idea, if only it was open.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument near Cottonwood Campground (5)

It was a whopping 37 degrees when I left Canyon de Chelly.  After a few hours of riding in that sort of weather, even with my beloved electric vest, I was more than happy to stop and finally check out the “unique western dining” of the Apple Dumplin Restaurant I foolishly passed by on my way out of Petrified National Forest a few days earlier.  You can find it in Chambers, AZ, a bit north of what is considered the actual Coronado Scenic Byway section of AZ 191.

Proprietor Beckie Mills, in her western wear.  The owners themselves are riders and knew only too well how cold I was.

Apple Dumplin Restaurant Chambers AZ (2)

Some unique western decor.

Apple Dumplin Restaurant Chambers AZ (4)

Apple Dumplin Restaurant Chambers AZ (9) 

Hearty, tasty, simple food fits the bill.  I ate every bite and found myself wishing I could fit in a slice of pie.  Finally, a decent meal!

Apple Dumplin Restaurant Chambers AZ (7)

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