Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ducati’s First Camping Trip! (Petrified Forest National Park)

Next stop (after a handful or two of the granola I had made before I left my house and kitchen, and after having an unusually colorful experience assisting an out-of-fuel motorcyclist),  Petrified Forest National Park.

Petrified Forest National Park Giant Logs Trail (9)
The "Giant Logs" Trail.  Yup.  It's wood that's been turned to rock.

Petrified Forest National Park Giant Logs Trail (5)
The wood, er, rock, er, whatever... really is this colorful!

Petrified Forest National Park Blue Mesa Loop Drive
You can take a short hike here, off of the Blue Mesa Loop road.  I regretted not doing so, but the time saved allowed me an even cooler hike at my next destination.  You can't do it all when you can't ride at night.

Petrified Forest National Park Painted Desert Lacey Point (2)
The Painted Desert, as seen from Lacey Point...

Petrified Forest National Park Pintado Point
...and again from Pintado Point.  I wish my pictures could be bigger without getting cut off.  I gotta figure that out.  Maybe I need to skip this fancy "caption" feature.  I'll try that on one of my next posts.

And then I motored north, past a really cute restaurant.  I should have turned around.  Why didn't I turn around?  Instead I had an awful meal in Chinle, AZ, where I was quite aggressively chased across a parking lot by pan handlers before my feet even touched the ground.  I was going to have to rectify my poor judgement later.  But I had arrived at my next stop, Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

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