Thursday, May 5, 2011

Boeing 911?

This post isn’t really about motorcycles or food, although in light of my last post, it seems appropriate.  In any case, I guess it’s covered under my blog subtitle disclaimer,  “Occasional Other Matters.”

I’m off to another animal rescue in glorious motorcycle country! 

“Yay!” [grabs helmet]

I have only five days total, and I and need get to and from the flooding located near those roads in northern Arkansas I’ve heard so much about? 

“Oh.” [sets down helmet and cashes in frequent flier miles]

Sadly, my transport this time is a Boeing 757, not my Ducati M696.

I’m off to take care of the many animals displaced by what is the worst flooding of the lower Mississippi in decades.  Almost 500 animals so far and still counting…

I doubt there will be any fine dining experiences over the next few days, but I can tell you one thing.  I’m not taking in any airport food on my way out. I’m hastily packing a lunch, thank you very much.

Wish me “Dogspeed!”

EARS lunch
Raspberry turnovers raided from freezer not shown.

Cheese melt with garlicky spicy greens:
Melt some cheddar on toast.  Use nice crusty  hard rolls or French bread, okay?  Wilt  some fresh greens (i.e. cook them briefly on medium heat in only the water clinging to them after washing, just until they are wilted – you can use spinach, Swiss chard, whatever you’ve got; if using frozen, just defrost but it won't be as good), squeeze them dry without burning yourself, chop them and toss them with olive oil,  and lots of crushed red pepper and mashed raw garlic.  Heap generously upon your sandwich.  Yum.

Carrot salad:
In its most basic form, grate carrots, and toss with a dressing of minced onions, olive oil, perhaps a squirt of mustard, an acid (I like lemon juice in this case but you can use any sort of vinegar*) salt, pepper, and garnish with fresh parsley if you’ve got some.   (You need a really sharp knife to chop parsley effectively, and it needs to be dry, so plan accordingly when you wash it.)  Extra virgin olive oil is nice, but good heavens, don’t let it stop you from cooking if you can’t afford it.  Despite all that says otherwise, the world will not get sucked into a black hole if you opt for “pure” olive oil instead.  The correct proportion of oil to vinegar/lemon juice varies according to who you ask, and ultimately should be determined by you!  Start with one part acid to three parts oil or so, and adjust from there.  I don’t really count, so I have no idea what I do.  Change your salad however you like – add grated parsnips (as I have done this time), or grated raw turnips, or grated fennel (I did that last time, but I’m saving my fennel for fennel sorbet this time, and this time I hope all my fingers will remain intact, unlike what I described here), or add cumin and saffron (dissolved in tablespoon or two of liquid) and raisins and call it Moroccan.  Let the contents of your fridge inspire you!

*Can I say something about balsamic vinegar right now?  When making  a salad dressing, please do not use it exclusively.  Think of it as a seasoning, and use a splash in additional to the primary vinegar you choose.  This has been a public service announcement designed to rid the world of sickly sweet and over-balsamicasized vinaigrettes.  Thank you for your compliance.  

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