Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ducati's First Camping Trip! (Homolovi Ruins)

I took the Ducati on its first camping trip!  It took a while to get my luggage set up squared away, and then I was busy, busy, busy for months, and then there was this trip, which was cool, but not camping, and not hiking, and then, a little more busy, busy, and then… AND THEN…

…I had a week off!

Yahoo!  The Duc ‘n I are goin’ campin’!  Through the same Salt River Canyon from this trip, tantalizingly close to the Black Mesa Ranch and Goat Cheese Dairy I've been dying to visit, yet been foiled every time (they weren't open this time), and...

...first stop, Homolovi Ruins State Park, since it was the nearest  (if you call 70 miles "near") open camping to Petrified Forest National Park.   I was going to take a few days to explore some AZ destinations I had yet to see.  After my greens and cheese sandwich (yup, the same lunch I wrote about here), it was time for a look-see.

Homolovi State Park Homolovi I Trail (3)
"Homolovi I" ruins, abandoned by the Anasazi  about 1400-1500 A.D.

Homolovi State Park Homolovi II Trail (14)
Ancient pottery shards were everywhere, and some were cleverly laid out , like crackers on a cheese board, for the unobservant tourist.

A view from the Tsu'vo Trail. 

Homolovi State Park Tsu'vo Trail (3)
Plenty of petroglyphs on the Tsu'vo Trail.

Homolovi State Park Sunset Pioneer Cemetary (2)
The Sunset Cemetery is about all that remains from the city of Sunset, a town established on the nearby Little Colorado River in 1876, by a group of Mormon Pioneers.

Like a chick hatching on what was Easter Sunday, Mother Nature triumphs over asphalt.

Homolovi State Park Tsu'vo Trail (14)
Looks like a peaceful scene, doesn't it?  This photo doesn't show the "blow your standing moto over" wind that I enjoyed for much of the week.  Pitch your tent and park your bike accordingly.

Not a bad first day out, huh?

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